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The Go Zero Disposable Face Mask Recycling Box allows you to easily collect and recycle single use protective masks from medical, industrial, commercial, institutional or personal protection settings. 

This box allows the recycling only of procedural masks, surgical masks, respirator masks of the N95 type.


  • Order a Go Zero box for the recycling of single-use masks.
  • Collect eligible used masks in the Go Zero box.
  • When the box is full, seal the box using the equipment provided and ship it to the nearest Go Zero Collection Point.
  • Order another Go Zero box for mask recycling.


  • One 40 gallon (18" x 18" x 30") labeled and bilingual Go Zero box.
  • Instructions for use and return (return at your expense and with the courier service of your choice, possibility of returning several boxes on pallets).
  • Treatment, disinfection, recycling and reconversion of materials at our facility.
  • Customer service and technical support 


  • No soiled or contaminated medical product with traces of blood or biological fluids is accepted.
  • No product other than disposable protective masks, bouffants and disposable gowns made of polypropylene are accepted.

Recycling process:

Go Zero has developed a unique process for recycling medical products. The materials are first disinfected at high power to ensure the destruction of contaminants. The materials are then mechanically separated; ear loops, headband, nose clip. The sorted materials are shredded and transformed into polypropylene pellets. These pellets will then be used by various plastics companies in order to convert them into new products which will also be recyclable in turn.