Masks - Recycling Envelope

Masks - Recycling Envelope

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  • One 4 L, 1 gal (9" x 14") labeled and bilingual Go Zero envelope.
  • Can contain around 50 masks.
  • Instructions for use and return.
  • Treatment, disinfection, recycling and reconversion of materials at our facility.
  • Customer service and technical support


  • Order a Go Zero Envelope for the recycling of single-use masks.
  • The envelope will be shipped at your location if you select the delivery option.
  • Collect eligible masks in the Go Zero Envelope.
  • When the envelope is full, seal it and ship it to the nearest Go Zero Collection Point with the included shipping service or drop it off at one of our locations.
  • Order another Go Zero Envelope for mask recycling.


  • No soiled or contaminated medical products with traces of blood or biological fluids are accepted.
  • No products other than disposable protective masks made of polypropylene are accepted.