From an environmental and social problematic to a circular economy solution.

The innovative Go Zero program recycles different types of face masks. We recycle face masks to transform them into recycled plastic material which is then turned into new products.

Mask recycling process.

How the mask recycling works.

  1. Collect your masks in a Go Zero recycling box or envelope.
  2. When it's full, send it to one of our collection points.
  3. We disinfect all masks.
  4. We separate the 3 parts of the masks.
  5. The masks are shredded into convertible materials.
  6. The materials are used to create new recyclable and useful products.

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Accepted masks.

Procedure masks

Respirator masks

Windowed masks

Mask Recycling Products

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Collection Points


Collection Point

1388 Clivedale Ave. Delta (BC) V3M 6K2, Canada


Collection Point

2000 Drew Road, Mississauga (ON) L5S 1S4, Canada


Collection Point

3535 Pitfield blvd, Ville Saint-Laurent (QC) H4S 1H3, Canada


Collection Point and Material Treatment Center

2221 Rue Tanguay, Magog (QC) J1X 7K3, Canada


Collection Point and Material Treatment Center

420, rue de la Science, Alma (QC) G8C 0J7, Canada