Are face masks recyclable?

While masks are recyclable because they are made of recyclable material (plastic and aluminium), it can be difficult and expensive for traditional recyclers to recycle them. Their parts need to be separated in order to properly recycle each material. Because of their usage, it is also important that the masks be disinfected to minimize the risk of contamination.

Here at Go Zero, we developed a process to disinfect and separate each part of the mask so that they can be recycled by specialized recycling centers.

How can I recycle my hard-to-recycle products?

Using the Go Zero recycling service is easy:

  1. Order one of our recycling boxes.
  2. Collect your products in the box you ordered.
  3. When it is full, seal it and ship it to the nearest Go Zero Depots.
  4. To continue using our service, order another recycling box.

Where can I send my Go Zero boxes?

We have a growing number of depots in Québec, Ontario and British Columbia. To see the list of all our depots, please visit our Locations page.

How can I be sure that my products will be recycled?

We pride ourselves on our integrity. You can rest assured that all the products you send us are recycled and not incinerated or sent to landfills. Once you have sent us your box of products, you can follow your material every step of the way with our RealCycle feature. A unique code appears on every box and allows us to track its location and journey through the recycling program.

Can Go Zero pick up the products at our location?

Yes, if you select the prepaid return option with UPS Carbon Neutral, please contact UPS at 1-800-PICK-UPS to schedule a pickup. Note that your prepaid return label will already be attached to your recycling box and that this label is vald for a period of 3 months from the date of purchase. If you have not returned the box in this period, please contact us and we will send you a new label.

Where is the curbside pick-up location ?

The curbside pick-up is located at:

Go Zero Recycle, 2211 Tanguay, Magog, Quebec J1X 7K3, Canada
1 (873) 888-6139

Open Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM

What happens to plastic elements like bags and wrappers?

Our plastic bags and wrappers are made of recyclable plastic. When the boxes are processed at the recycling plant, the bags and wrappers are also recycled.

Which boxes are admissible for Go Zero Recyling Programs?

If you want to use Go Zero's shipping service, the boxes must be in good condition and strong enough to securely hold the materials. Packages with an actual weight of more than 100 pounds (50 kg), or that exceed 100 inches (250 cm) in length or a total of 150 inches (400 cm) in length and girth combined, are not accepted for transportation with Go Zero's shipping service.

If you want to use your own courier service company or if you want to drop-off the material directly at our participating Go Zero locations, you have to make sure the boxes are in good condition and strong enough to securely hold the materials. You can ship or directly bring us the material into big boxes or Gaylord boxes on regular wood pallets. The pallet size must be maximum 40''x48'' ( regular wood pallets ) and maximum 96'' high. Note that we do not exchange pallet or Gaylord boxes at our participating drop-off locations.

How do I schedule a recycling pallet pick up?

When your recycling pallet is full, please make sure to seal it tightly and secure it correctly to the pallet. Fill the ''Recycling pallet return form'' and send a copy to info@gozerorecycle.com . We will then schedule a pick up respecting your criterias. Please make sure to include a copy of the form in the pallet pouch. You can access here a .docx version of the form.