Are face masks recyclable?

While masks are recyclable because they are made of recyclable material (plastic and aluminium), it can be difficult and expensive for traditional recyclers to recycle them. Their parts need to be separated in order to properly recycle each material. Because of their usage, it is also important that the masks be disinfected to minimize the risk of contamination.

Here at Go Zero, we developed a process to disinfect and separate each part of the mask so that they can be recycled by specialized recycling centers.

How can I recycle masks?

Using the Go Zero recycling service is easy:

  1. Order one of our recycling products.
  2. Collect your masks in the product you ordered.
  3. When it is full, seal it using the equipment provided and ship it to the nearest Go Zero Collection Point.
  4. To continue using our service, order another recycling product.

Where can I send my masks?

We have a growing number of collection points in Québec, and a collection point in Ontario and British Columbia. To see an up to date list of all our collection points, please visit our Collection Points page.

How can I be sure my masks will be recycled?

We pride ourselves on our integrity. You can rest assured all our masks are recycled and not incinerated or sent to landfills. We use a traceability form that is filled every step of the way. Once you deliver your masks to us, you can then contact us later with the number of your box to know exactly where your masks are.

Can you pick up our masks on location?

Yes, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is a third party company that is offering their services to pick up and transport your Go Zero boxes when they are full. We certify that they will follow our safety procedures and that they will bring your used masks to our facility.