Our Origin Story.

With the arrival of COVID-19 came the environmental crisis caused by the mandatory use of disposable personal protective equipment, but also our deep desire to act and find a solution to this problem. In 2021, after a few months of brainstorming, we founded Go Zero Recycle with the aim of recycling products that cannot be recycled through normal recycling, starting with PPE.

We were happy to see that several users and companies affected by this environmental issue also wanted to take concrete actions to stop the pollution caused by the pandemic, and we experienced rapid growth thanks to their participation and dedication to the cause. This success has led us to extend our product line to several other non-recyclables that we use every day at home, at work, in hospitals, in stores, and everywhere in between.

Our Growth.

Our Promise.

The Go Zero team is committed to leading exemplary governance, establishing simple and effective solutions, federating competent partners in carrying out the processes, ensuring high-level traceability, and mobilizing the vital forces in order to promote circular recycling.

By 2025, we aim to become the first choice for recycling and revalorization solutions as well as the benchmark in the circular economy and sustainable development for companies, public organizations and civil society.

Our Vision.


Look for simple and efficient operations and processes that guarantee their immediate success as well as the development of the company.


Foster mutual aid, openness, communication and commitment from various partners, and leverage each other's expertise.


Strive for best practices in terms of traceability, transparency, and health and safety.


Promote the preservation and development of biodiversity and communities, taking into account their specificities and resources, and integrate sustainable development into environmental, social and economic perspectives and, also, of governance.