Our Partners

Go Zero partners undertake, through their social economy platform, to receive, decontaminate and separate into components the various recycled materials, then to forward them to the recyclers and transformers partners so that new materials and goods can be produced – which in turn are 100% recyclable.

This is how Go Zero offers a circular, complete and credible recovery of various products that have until then been orphaned from recycling.

Have a look at how our partners help us give a second life to your masks by recycling them into new products.

MedSup Medical

Coordination, Tracking

MedSup Medical is one of the country's largest medical equipment distributor, manufacturer and wholesaler. They are managing the Go Zero program and taking care of the medical grade tracking of the recycled masks.


Aluminum Recycling

Sinobec is one of the largest Canadian company that covers all the aluminum spectrum. They are recycling the aluminum nose pieces to transform them into new recyclable products.

Défi Polyteck

Disinfecting, Sorting

Défi Polyteck is a social economy enterprise that hires people with functional limitations and gives them a better quality of life. They are specialized in industrial material processing.

Groupe Coderr

Disinfecting, Sorting

Founded 45 years ago, Groupe Coderr has a dual mission, namely the reduction of the quantity of residual materials as well as greenhouse gases released into the environment as well as the training and integration of people far from the labor market.


Collection, Transportation

This third party company is offering their services to pick up and transport your Go Zero boxes when they are full. We certify that they will follow our safety procedures and that they will bring your used masks to our facility.

Exxel Polymers

Plastic Recycling

Specialised in plastic recycling, Exxel Polymers is processing all the plastic materials into reusable plastic pellets that can be reused for manufacturing new products.


Disinfecting, Sorting

Recyclo-Centre is positioned as a leader in the recycling and recycling of goods in the Sorel-Tracy region. Through the multitude of actions they take daily, they ensure the reduction of landfills of thousands of tons of products each year.


Plastic Recycling

Ecofib is a company based out of Drummondville, Canada that specializes in manufacturing high-quality plastic resins utilizing both pre- and post-consumer waste streams.

Groupe TAQ

Disinfecting, Sorting

Founded in 1979, Groupe TAQ promotes the socio-professional integration of people living with functional limitations by developing business partnerships. They provide permanent, stable and quality jobs to 450 people, more than 300 of whom are disabled.