The Go Zero team is committed to leading exemplarily. The success of recycling, environmental and social initiatives are based on transparency, efficiency and truth. This is why we have created RealCycle.

Unique traceability code on every Go Zero Box and Recycling Program Shipment

Every step of the recycling process is traced so you can easily follow your material

24/7 access to the RealCycle Client Portal to trace your material online

Once the process is completed, Go Zero will emit a recycling certificate.

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1. Traceability code

Every Go Zero Box and Recycling Program Shipment is identified with a unique RealCycle traceability code linked to your Go Zero invoice.

2. Check-In

Once we receive your material, the RealCycle traceability will be updated. From that moment, you can be assured that your material is in good hands.

3. Process

Go Zero uses many specialized recycling techniques to achieve a full circular economy recycling. The status of your RealCyle code will be updated as we process your material.

4. Certificate

Once we have fully recycled your material, our RealCycle technology will automatically send you a recycling certificate by email. This will confirm that the recycling process is complete.