*OK, maybe not “anything” anything, but we can work together to develop recycling programs for most of the products forgotten by the traditional recycling system. We will also guarantee that the material is handled honestly so you can be sure that it doesn’t end up buried or incinerated.

Recycling Boxes

The Go Zero Recycling Boxes allow you to easily collect and recycle different products and materials. You can also choose a box that can contain different articles in the same container.

Recycling Programs

The Go Zero recycling programs are partnerships with various companies, offering specialized recycling solutions for their products.

Go Zero and Medsup Medical have partnered to create a free worldwide recycling program for Medsup Medical eligible products.


From an environmental and social issue to a circular economy solution.

The innovative Go Zero program recycles different types of products that can't be recycled through regular recycling. We recycle these products and transform them into recycled material which is then used to create new products.

Our Clients

81 362 kg recycled

With their Go Zero Boxes, our customers have recycled a total of 81 362,65 kg of different products: masks, gloves, gowns, office supplies, beauty products, food containers, and more.

There are a few ways to collect products for recycling, but the main one is by purchasing our Go Zero Recycling Boxes.

Select the right solution for you.

Honourable Mention

Go Zero recently received special recognition for Innovative Solutions and Circular Economy during BGIS 2023 Global Supplier Innovation Awards.  

Go Zero is recognized for its innovative PPE recycling solutions that help divert tons of waste caused by healthcare and general use of non-recyclable products. We are committed to helping and protecting our planet by recycling materials responsibly.

We thank BGIS for this Honourable Mention of our efforts to build a more sustainable world. We also congratulate all other winners for their remarkable contribution to innovation in the field of recycling.




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