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Medsup Medical Products
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Medsup Medical Products

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Free Recycling in Partnership with Medsup Medical

Go Zero and Medsup Medical have partnered to create a free recycling program.
Customers can recycle their Medsup eligible products for free, courtesy of Medsup Medical.
Medsup Medical will cover the recycling costs. Sorting and shipping not included.

How it Works

Participating is very simple:

  1. Purchase an eligible Medsup Medical product such as masks, gloves, gowns, bibs, etc. You will find the Go Zero logo on the eligible products packaging.
  2. Drop the used products in separate clear plastic bags. Only type of product per bag.
  3. Place your bags in a box of your choice and seal it tight for transportation.
  4. Use the above section to request a label for your box. Add one label per box you need to ship.
  5. Go Zero will email you an identification label in 1-2 business days. This label will also contain your RealCycle ID code to track your material.
  6. Print the label and stick it to your box.
  7. Insert into your box proof of purchase according to the products you send to Go Zero to be recycled. Acceptable proof of purchase are: copy of invoice, product packagings or packaging barcodes cutouts.
  8. Use the carrier of your choice to send the box to one of our locations.
  9. Go Zero will recycle your Medsup products and transform them into recycled raw material.

With you RealCycle ID code, you can trace your material online through the RealCycle portal at any moment.

Once the recycling process is completed, you will receive a Go Zero recycling certificate by email. This certificate is yours! You can use it as proof that you recycled the materials and to calculate your own ecological footprint.

Only Medsup eligible products are allowed.
No soiled or contaminated products with traces of blood or other biological fluids are accepted. Dried products only.

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